Home Appliance Maintainnence and failure detection with Embedded AI

Imagine your Washing Machine speaking to you ” I need maintenance ” or refrigerator warning you to change the compressor before it gets faulty. Yes it’s not an imagination anymore. Renesas have just launched an MCU RX66T 32-bit microcontroller (MCU). The motor

control and embedded AI can be implemented on a single MCU .No need to install the additional sensors to detect the fault in the machine thus reducing the overall BOM of the product.The new solution utilizes the Renesas Motor Control Evaluation System and an RX66T CPU card. This hardware is combined with a set of sample program files that run on the RX66T MCU as well as a GUI tool that enables collecting and analyzing property data indicating motor states. In order to detect faults, it is necessary to learn the characteristics of the normal state. Using the GUI tool, system engineers can immediately begin developing AI learning and optimized fault detection functionality. Once the AI models are developed, the e-AI development environment (composed of an e-AI Translator, e-AI Checker, and e-AI Importer) can be easily used to import the learned AI models into the RX66T.

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